Adapter outdoor unit interior Ø20/21

A smart hose adapter for connecting the drainage hose with heating cable to an outdoor unit with interior outlet Ø20-21mm. The adapter has an input for the heating cable underneath, which facilitates installation. The lower part is angled and can also be connected to both 20 and 25mm hoses.

Fits ClimaLine’s insulated interior drainage hoses Ø19 and 25mm and interior condensation water hose Ø20mm. Ø20mm.

How far can I draw off the condensation in pipes / hose without heat?

Max. 20cm

Technical information

  • Färg: Gray
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • UV resistant & shock resistant to -40°C
  • Inlet: Ø20-21mm
  • Heating cable inlet: yes
  • Dimensions: see drawing
  • Sleeve coupling, exterior Ø 20mm, interior Ø 25mm
  • Manufactured in the EU

A Climaco design

  • Top adapter for connection to outlet Ø20-21mm, 1pcs
  • Bottom adapter with input for heating cable, 1pcs

Designed for all AC or heat pump outdoor units with a Ø20-21 outlet.

Find your outdoor unit here.


Fits the following hoses

  • ClimaLine insulated drainage hose, type interior Ø19mm
  • ClimaLine insulated drainage hose, type interior Ø25mm
  • ClimaLine condensation water hose, type interior Ø20mm

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