Well plates for Pancake

ClimaLine's well plates are used if the Pancake drainage tray does not fit between the outdoor unit's mountings or where the rear dampers are too close / under the outdoor unit. The adjustable plates give the Pancake tray space so the tray reaches all of the outdoor unit's condensation outlets.

The plates are only mounted on the rear of the outdoor unit, with both vibration dampers.

Technical information

  • Material: 4.0mm steel
  • Surface treatment: hot galvanized
  • Length: 90mm
  • Width: 30mm
  • Article no.: 399-EXT90G
  • The extension plates are mounted on the rear vibration dampers.

A Climaco design

Included are:

  • 1 pair well plates
  • 2 pairs of M8 16mm bolts, washers, nuts.
  • Installation instructions

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