Pro Series


Pro is a series of traditional drainage trays that fit air-air heat pumps and even larger industrial outdoor heat pumps, like VRVs, VRFs. The drainage tray is suspended under the stand or is placed in the stand using our extensible suspension brackets.

Larger units produce larger amounts of condensate water, therefore the Pro trays can cope with large amounts of water.

Pro 630

NEW! Pro series 630 tray is for larger heat pumps, VRV & VRFs. Just with Eco controller.

Pro 791

Pro series 791 fits many air-air heat pumps and some air-water ones.

Pro 930

Pro 930 Eco heat tray is for large heat pumps, VRV/VRFs with 90-100cm chassis.

Pro 1230

Pro 1230 Eco tray is only for large heat pumps, VRV/VRFs with 120-140cm chassis.

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