Heated drainage trays

As small as possible to reduce the energy requirements and mounted close so that the condensation does not cool down or splash.

The heating mat in the tray keeps the water flowing during the cold season so that with our drainage kits you can drain it off to a well or storm water drain. In this way the heat pump can work continuously at very low temperatures and we prevent ice formation both under and in front of the outdoor unit.

What is a drainage tray?

It collects condensation from the outdoor heat pump unit. This forms when the heat pump takes energy from the outdoor air, mainly at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsuis above zero. The amount of condensation also depends on humidity, power and energy efficiency. The tray must be heated for the water to drain off.


Why is a drainage tray necessary?

An air-air heat pump produces between 20-30 liters of water per day and an air-water heat pump up to 60 liters during the cold six months of the year. It is not unusual for condensation water to pose a serious problem, for houses, heat pumps and the residents, if not drained away.

The leaf adapter makes life easier

When autumn comes and the leaves fall from the trees, the leaves easily get stuck on the heat pump and risk clogging both the outlet and the hose. Climaco is the only manufacturer to have a leaf  basket adapter for the Pancake and Pro heat trays that effectively prevents these problems.

Pancake installation with new heat pump!

This is what it looks like if you install a Pancake tray simultaneously with a new heat pump.

Pancake Series

Pancake is a series of drainage trays that was invented in Sweden and is a patented concept for drainage trays. The drainage tray is inserted between the mounting and the outdoor unit of the heat pump in contrast to other drainage solutions where the tray is suspended under the entire stand. By positioning the drainage tray so close to the pump, and through the special shape of the Pancake, we have achieved an incredibly energy efficient solution.

Pancake is designed to catch the water at the correct place.



Pro is a series of traditional drainage trays that fit air-air heat pumps and even larger outdoor heat pumps, such as VRVs and VRFs. The drainage tray is suspended under the stand or is placed in the stand using our extensible suspension brackets.

Larger units produce larger amounts of condensed water, so the Pro can cope with large amounts of water.


Order a drainage tray

Our trays are sold by a variety of retailers listed here on the site.
Also ask your local refrigeration technician!

Kits for draining water from heat pumps

During the cold season, the heat pump's outdoor unit releases a large amount of water when it defrosts. Because water freezes, you need to heat the pipes or hoses used. We have kits that contain the necessary equipment for draining off the water to a drain in your basement, to a storm water drain or to a French drain, at the lowest possible energy cost.


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