Pancake Series


Pancake is a series of drainage trays that was invented in Sweden and is a patented concept for drainage trays. The drainage trays are inserted between the mounting and the outdoor unit of the heat pump in contrast to other drainage solutions where the tray is suspended under the entire stand. By positioning the drainage tray so close to the pump, and through the special shape of the Pancake, we have achieved an incredibly energy efficient solution.

Pancake is designed to catch the water at the correct place.

Pancake 1

Most popular!For the vast majority of air-air heat pumps, if they are about 80cm wide and about 31cm deep.

Pancake 2

Do you have an air-water heat pump or large air-air pump? Outdoor units at least 88cm wide & at least 33cm deep.

Pancake 3

New! For many air-air heat pumps that are 85cm wide but less than 29 deep.

Pancake 5

Newest! The Five is for larger air-water heat pumps, wider than 94cm and at least 45cm deep.

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