Drainage tray for air/water heat pumps

Pancake 5 fits the wider and thicker outdoor units that the market has produced the last couple of year. The well-insulated heat tray can withstand temperatures down to -37°C with only 137w effect. Pancake 5 is only available in an Eco version, which is the most energy efficient model. Did you know that Pancake 5 only heats up from 3°C with a reduced 80w effect down to -7°C? Below that the next power step will start, when it’s needed to keep the ground free of ice. Don’t forget to buy a drainage kit, for the defrost water.

Pancake 5 is available from €249 excl VAT.

The heat tray includes a hose adapter, with leaf basket, (for connection of hose/pipe) and a batch of matched vibration dampers for outdoor units 90-120kg.

Technical information

  • Färg: Graphite gray
  • Material: ABS/PMMA plastic
  • UV resistant & shock resistant to -40°C
  • Length: 920mm, depth: 435mm
  • Height: 31mm (without outlet sleeve)
  • Heating mat/power: 137 Watt
  • Electrical connection: 220-240 volt/50 Hz
  • With grounded plug (cable can be connected to a distribution board)
  • Connection cable: 1 500mm
  • Thermostats: 2 built in, primary switch on +3°C, secondary at -8°C
  • Hose adapter: with leaf basket, fits hose with interior Ø 20 and 25mm
  • Max liquid flow, with 3m hose/cable/10% fall: 7 liters/minute
  • Manufactured in the EU, assembled in Sweden.
  • Patent SE 539251 USA 10 677 479

Designed for outdoor units with a width between 950-1100mm, and a depth of 450-550mm.

  • Daikin Altherma 3 H HT / EPRA-D 014,16,18 DV
  • Fujitsu AOYG 72 / 90 LRLA
  • Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Zubadan PUHZ-SHW 80 / 112 YAA


You can find more outdoor units here.

This is always included with the Pancake 5:


  • Heat tray Pancake 5
  • Hose adapter with leaf basket
  • Vibration damper kit for outdoor units 90-120kg
  • Installation instructions

The heated water drainage kits are available in the following lengths: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 as well as 10 and 12m. They are easily connected to the tray adapter to drain the water from the drainage tray.

A heated water drainage kit includes:

  • Insulated condensation water hose
  • Color: Blue-gray
  • UV resistant & shock resistant
  • Hose, exterior Ø 31mm, interior Ø 19mm
  • Hose clips, double locking
  • Heating cable, effect 15w/m
  • Thermostat mounted between the cold cable and hot cable
  • Thermostat, ON +2°C, between cold cable and and heating cable
  • Socket, grounded
  • Wall/ground mounting for hose

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