Heated kits for trays

Drainage kit consists of hose, heating cable, multi-adapter, hose clamps and wall fasteners for hoses. 

In order to reduce energy consumption, we use a thermostatically controlled  heating cable, starting at +2°C. The insulated hose means that we only need a low-power cable, with 15w/m power.

The heating kits are available in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 as well as 10 and 12m.

Fits excellently with all hose adapters with exterior Ø19-21mm. Suitable for draining off condensation from heat pumps' outdoor unit and our heated tray.

How far can I draw off the condensation in pipes / hoses without heat?

Max. 20cm

Technical information

  • Insulated drainage hose
  • Color: Blue-gray
  • UV resistant & shock resistant
  • Hose, exterior Ø 31mm, interior Ø 19mm
  • Heating cable, power 15w/m
  • Thermostat installed between hot and cold cable
  • Thermal klixon thermostat, ON +2°C
  • Plug, grounded
  • Hose clamps, double locking
  • Wall fasteners for hoses

Example: A 3m drainage kit contains a 3m drainage hose and a 4m heating cable, where 3m is heated and 1m is cold cable.

  • Pancake 1, 2, 3 and 5
  • DUO 791 and 951
  • PRO 777, 888, 630, 930 and 1230
  • ClimaLine 790 and 950

Designed to fit all hose adapters with sleeve coupling Ø20mm (19-21mm).

  • Insulated condensation water hose suited to the kit length.
  • 1st hose clamps, double locking
  • 1 heating cable, power 15w / m, thermostatically controlled, mounted between cold and hot cable with earthed plug.
  • Wall/ground mounting for hose

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